Why You Actually Require an Expert Designer For Your New Hotel

Hotel interior design is really an art that goes far beyond taking note to the elements of standard design. For a guest that’s visiting a hotel, a stay there’s nothing short of an ‘experience’. And so in order to deliver memorable experiences, it is quite necessary to have a clear idea in your mind with regards to the sort of aura you want to create for your customers.

Just scratch the surface a little and you will actually realize it is not merely the aesthetic elements, however a lot more that goes into hotel interior design. This is where the expertise of Space Deco can help you in visualizing and executing a unique experience-based concept for your hotel. Click here to book your appointment today!

Are you continue to wondering how an expert interior designer can assist you with hotels, keep reading!


The first and foremost benefit you will derive out of getting one of the top interior designers in Delhi NCR- Space Deco, onboard for your hotel assignment is that we will assist you devise and implement a strategic plan during which all the design elements are harmonized with one another. Put simply, it implies that the design of several different departments within the hotel will flow visually from one on to the other, without looking inconsistent.

For a hotel offering exclusive meditation and spa services for immediate, the experience concept would be ‘relaxation’. So even a cafe in this hotel will need to be designed in a way which radiates a tranquil vintage vibe. The rooms would also be designed keeping in mind ‘relaxation’ similar to the key experience. Scented candles and essential oils might be added to each. Now lets take it a step further, a restaurant in such a hotel would do wonders by offering exclusive candle-light dinners, a view of the nature with some serene music in the background.

The concept of the ‘experience’ and ‘synchronicity of design elements’ is what Space Deco will bring to the table for your hotel interior design.

Once you understand the unique experience your hotel will actually be based on, picking aesthetic furniture, furnishings, and other art pieces which complement the theme is the very next difficult step. It is easy to fall into the trap of buying functional furniture which might compromise the individuality of the general experience. An expert designer like Space Deco will assist you get the best of both worlds, which is uniqueness of character and functional pieces. Both of these are quite vital to run a hotel business successfully.


Another concept when designing hotels which is important even though it is overlooked is the passages for smooth flow of both the staff members and the guests. Space Deco can assist you conceptualize optimal flows with ease. For instance, if you intend to set up a buffet meal in your hotel’s restaurant, we’ll assist you design the staff and customer flows in a way that it never gets overcrowded, and looks elegant too.

Moreover, guests can actually check into a hotel during any time of the day. With a clock that has 24 hours running continuously, it’s important to accommodate the requirements of all travelers regardless of their time of arrival. During daytime, natural light and ventilation are majorly considered. At night, temperature control and minimum light intensity are the primary requirements. The rooms need to be receptive to both the requirements. And only a professional like Space Deco can assist you design such rooms.


All said and done, we at Space Deco cater to all your different types of hotel interior design requirements. Whether you wish to include lounges, conference rooms, gymnasiums, restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs, or discotheques in your hotel, our professionals will assist you do that. We pay attention of everything from start to finish, and that includes the lobby and reception areas too.

We as one of the best interior designers in Delhi, take pride in creating hotel interiors that are warm as well as welcoming, yet at the same time are modern in every aspect. Furthermore, we assist our clients invest in latest technology and still create spaces that have homely feeling. Our design methods are mostly based on a sustainable model so that you do not need to worry about maintenance issues time and again. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for a hotel design consultation!

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