Top Home Interior Design Ideas For Delhi Homes

Do you live within the pollution-heavy, noisily annoying and dust-ridden city of Delhi? Even though the words may actually sound really offensive to a Delhiite, they are unfortunately true. We breathe in the polluted air everyday. We hustle through all of it for what? So, we will finally step into our home to relax and unwind.

However what if your house isn’t actually equipped for that? What if your house actually makes you feel much more anxious? You really need an interior designer in order to get in & fix that situation for you.

Let us introduce ourselves – We’re Space Deco. Space Deco is one of the best interior designers in Delhi that as their passion creates relaxing yet at the same time aesthetically pleasing spaces. So, let’s discuss some top home interior design ideas For Delhi homes-


Luxury doesn’t mean pompousness. In fact, once you really have a limited space, you actually require to work on the motto of keeping it simple. Sophisticated furniture, soothing colours and a couple of intricate interior design implementations later – you’ll have a home that provides you that relaxing feeling that you simply work so hard for.

How do you do that? Here’s one thing you’ll be able to do without even hiring an interior designer – decluttering. Eliminate or remove all the non sentimental as well as non-essential items out of your house. Go Marie Kondo with every space in your room and completely clear out your homes in order that good vibes can enter.


If you’re keeping everything simple, how does one get that lux factor? There are several ways and one among our favourites as top interior designers in Delhi NCR is designer walls. With an accent wall in your room, you’ll be able to be design the remainder of it very easily. All you really need to do once your accent wall is finished is to add pieces that are in sync with the theme. That’s just it!


If you feel you’ll be able to relax more in a bigger space but because of constraint cannot move to a much bigger place, you’ll be able to really make your current space look more spacious. How? With use of mirrors.

Mirrors are great for decoration as well as functionality as they create an illusion of space. You can easily use decorative mirrors in spaces such as hallways & even in your rooms for a much bigger space.


Your existing home has the ability to appear something out of an architectural magazine. How? You just need to invest in decorative lighting. It’s totally up to you, whether you use a pendant light over your dining table or a very unique piece of decorative lamp that sits in your living room. What’s a given is that it’ll change the appearance and vibe of your space drastically.

We work really diligently so as to create fully customized pieces for you. They may seem really little however, their impact is quite tremendous on your home interior design.


Like we said, decluttering is actually the 1st and foremost task you really ought to do in order to turn your home into your sanctuary. What’s the leading cause of clutter in homes? It’s the lack of storage space. While investing in big items like sofas, dining tables and beds, home owners forget about the storage apart from the general walk-in closet, kitchen cabinets and cupboards. We all need a lot more than that!

You require storage space in your bathroom it may be hidden or included into your decor. You need more storage space in your kitchen than the fundamental cabinets you’ve seen everywhere.


If your house décor is basically all over the place, it’s obvious that you’re suffering through anxiety. As human beings, we crave for synchronization. Just imagine if all your rooms as well as decoration styles come together to define chaos!

In order to avoid that and you’ll have a home that further makes you feel happier. You can do this by educating yourself about various house décor and then committing to 1 particular theme. It’s quite imperative that your home is actually designed with that one theme, and yet at the same time, each and every room is as unique as it could really get.


Once your home interior design is fully done, there are a few of things which will require your everlasting use but are extremely beneficial – essential oils and green plants.

Basically essential oils are nothing but compounds extracted from leaves of several different plants and are therefore therapeutic in nature. They help you relax, and unwind. There have been multiple studies correlating combating depression, stress and anxiety with the help of aromatherapy. Several of such oils are also anti-bacterial in nature, therefore they promote much healthier living environment.

Plants are one thing that helps you connect with nature, even when you’re sitting in home environment that is tightly shut. With Delhi facing extreme season conditions like super hot summer and cold winter, it’s quite hard to hang outside for a very long period of time. Thus, you actually ought to bring that greenery inside and benefit a lot from that.

Plants are a huge yes, may it be in your living room, bathroom or kitchen, anywhere is fine. Many of those also act as air purifiers and can actually be an excellent healthy addition to your home interior design.

These are actually just the basics in order to get started with a much more healthier living by modifying the environment of your home. We hope these tips help you out.

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