Top Evolutionary Kitchen Interior Designing Tips

Space where meals are cooked with a lot of love, and friends and family bond over warm conversations, the kitchen really is the heart and soul of any home. Planning and designing such a special part of the house needs meticulous attention to detail. Following are the primary elements to be taken care of when it comes to kitchen interior designing.

Map The Layout

Our very 1st recommendation is to plan the layout of your kitchen in advance. The placement of cupboards or cabinets, appliances, the kitchen island (if you plan to have one), lights, electrical and plumbing points, garbage bins are all pivotal.

The width of walkways between different cabinets or the sink and also the cabinets will determine the ease of movement within the kitchen. So having a well-defined layout is actually the very 1st step to an excellent kitchen. Delhi interior designers like Space Deco can assist you to achieve this objective.

Moreover, the layout should be reflective of your personality as well as mirror the food habits of your family. Also for the family that actually loves having breakfast at the kitchen island, the cereal bowls, bread baskets, toasters, and other similar things should all be within reach.

If there are people in your home who love tea or coffee, having the hot water tap near the kettle or your coffee machine would be a great way to plan.

In addition, the layout should actually be a direct result of the functionality that you intend to get out of your kitchen.

Pay Attention To Cabinets

When it actually comes to cabinets, there are quite a few things to be borne in mind. Firstly, the selection of color matters; this is directly associated with the flow of natural light in the kitchen. If there’s less influx of light (the kitchen is dark), having light-colored cabinets will give an illusion of extra space. Likewise, kitchens with ample natural light can cope with dark-colored cabinets that impart a unique character and depth to space. Choose a color that complements the color scheme of the whole house and you have a winner at your hands.

The very next aspect is the kitchen cabinet heights. For all practical reasons, it’s advisable to actually have cabinets that touch the ceiling. This serves two purposes- more storage space, and 0 probability of the cabinet tops accumulating dust (which are often very hard to clean).

After all, it is all about optimizing space when it comes to great kitchen interior designing.

After the color and height come the finish of the cabinets. Depending on the look you choose for your kitchen, contemporary or traditional, you’ll be able to opt for a shiny or neutral finish.

Having said that, you’ll be able to make use of textures and accents wherever possible, to add that wow factor to your kitchen interior designing project.

Choice Of Countertops

Countertops or working areas are by far, one of the most essential components of kitchen interior designing. This is where the ‘actual work will be done in the kitchen so it’s important to possess sufficient area with ample lighting so that you’ll be able to cook comfortably.

When we talk about the choice of material, it largely depends on the walls and cabinet design. Go for something complimentary; for a backsplash with tiles because the main component, marble is often a good choice for the countertops. Go for contrasting colors and simple to clean surfaces.

Make sure there’s minimal space in between joints where two marble slabs (or any other material) come together as this part is actually the hardest to clean.

Storage Matters

This is why Space Deco being, Delhi’s best interior designers recommend proper planning of storage before actually making the kitchen. The cupboards and cabinets within the kitchen should have varying heights and widths to accommodate all types of paraphernalia.  Deep storage areas will assist you to store pots and pans for an instant. Then, all your daily use coffee, spices, tea, and sugar should go into a cupboard with has a see-through glass pane. This makes it easy to spot them, and also saves time through improved accessibility.

Even better if you’ll be able to have this type of cupboard in close proximity to the working area (for obvious reasons)!

Height Can Make A Difference

While we already recommended having floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets, there are some parts of the kitchen where ‘too high’ might not actually be a good idea. A case in point being the space where you’ll keep all the utensils for children. Having a dedicated space (not too high) that houses all the things for kids makes your kitchen a lot safer. Kids can reach what they require directly and will not have to climb up or come near the gas or other electronic equipment which could actually be potentially dangerous for them.

Another quite common sight in modern-day kitchens is actually the stacking of electronic appliances- mostly the oven and microwave. Beware! If your oven is at a height where your hand cannot reach easily to keep or remove food, then stacking might not be a good idea in the end. Whilst space optimization is very important, it shouldn’t come at the cost of compromising the kitchen’s functionality.

Other than the above, ensure that your kitchen has enough light where needed. Pendant lights and pot lights are an excellent fit for contemporary kitchens. For a more traditional appeal, you’ll be able to choose countertop lights that focus specifically on the preparation areas.

Moving on, the aim of kitchen interior designing is to achieve an area that brings together families. The more inviting and cozier it really is, the more you get to spend quality time together with your loved ones. A kitchen island with a comfy seating arrangement is often an excellent way to spend quality time together with your loved ones. We say it is a really great value addition to any kitchen!

Everyone has a vision for their dream kitchen, and we at Space Deco are here to bring that vision to life for you. As one of the top-rated interior designers of Delhi, we are committed to providing you with excellent kitchen interior designing services. What are you waiting for, contact now for a consultation!

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