Top Dining Room Interior Design Tips

Modern-day dining room interior design for you is a perfect blend of creativity as well as functionality. Space Deco can assist you to get your very own customized dining room that is a true reflection of your style and personal preferences. A dining room has its own set of prerequisites and steps, similar to all other forms of interior design. Read below to know more about dining room interior design tips:

What Purpose Will Your Dining Room Actually Serve

  1. The very 2nd thing, it is essential to ascertain the functionality as well as the primary purpose of your dining room. At this step some questions that require to be answered are-
  • Is this a dining space for formal dinners or more intimate family gatherings
  • The kind of ambiance this room would emanate (could be a peaceful and relaxed vibe or a livelier vibe that lays the platform for a few great conversations)
  • The kind of dinnerware that might be stored or used to serve food here.

Once these questions are answered, it becomes very easy for us to propose a dining room interior design plan that’s the best fit as per your needs.

For the lighting of your dining room interior design you should go multi-dimensional.

  1. As one of the leading interior designers in East Delhi & Delhi NCR, we at Space Deco recommend all our clients to go for multiple light sources for the dining room. It is important to actually have different light sources to serve different occasions and requirements.
  2. Natural light via the windows is actually great for a brunch on a weekend. Soft lighting is an excellent way to create a comfortable ambience for intimate family dinners.
  3. The shape of the light source you select will depend upon the shape of the dining table. So an oval table would do well with an oval-shaped light while a rectangular one would look flattering with a linear source of illumination at the top.
  4. The sole thing to be taken care of is that these light sources should be at a considerably low level so that they absolutely do not cast a shadow on anyone who is seated at a chair.
  5. Another point of consideration for giant dining spaces is actually the use of a flattering chandelier to boost the overall look and appeal of the room. These days, the market is additionally replete with pendant light options which may be utilized in dining rooms that have a decent size.

The Table Is The ‘Star Of The Show’

  1. The dining table is actually the center of attraction when it comes to designing dining room. The table should be inviting enough in order that guests or members of the family don’t have any choice but to take a seat at the table and eat and talk.
  2. The chairs, the furnishings, the dinnerware, and all other accessories should complement the table, which is the main focus of the dining room.
  3. Once the table is decided, it becomes pretty easy to shop for other furniture. Just bear in mind that your furniture’s size should be such that there’s ample space to walk around comfortably and there aren’t any tight or cluttered spaces within the room.

Mix And Match The Linens

  1. The dining room is one area where a family sits multiple times during the entire day to have a meal. With such a high frequency of usage, it becomes important to wash the table linen often.
  2. If you’re using the table cover, the napkins, the placemats, and also the table runner of a similar color or pattern, it might be a challenge to maintain uniformity of look if even one of the things has some spilled over food or drink. So the more flexible you are, the simpler it’ll be to maintain your dining room linen.
  3. Mix and match as much as possible. This will allow you to have several combinations that give a uniform yet aesthetic look to your table.

Add A Pop Of Color

  1. Conventional dining rooms will have linen and dishes in neutral colors and tones like white, off-white, light brown, nude, cream and other similar neutral time colors. However, you’ll be able to make things interesting by adding a pop of color to the set-up.
  2. This could actually be in the form of a bright-colored accessory similar to a flower vase for the center. In addition, you can even try wall accents or linen in rich plush fabrics as well as textures.
  3. We give our clients full creative freedom here to come up with a color scheme that inspires them and is reflective of their personal style.

How Can The Walls Be Forgotten

  1. After all, is said and done, without paying attention to the walls, no dining room interior design is ever complete. Wall decor is one thing that can make or break the look and feel of the dinning room.
  2. Try different colors or textures that create a private yet open and welcoming space for diners to get together and have a good and hearty meal over a nice conversation.
  3. You could even go a step further and add a personal touch by choosing wall art that has some meaning or relevance to your personal life. It might be anything- something synonymous with a vacation you took, or something that’s symbolic of your wedding.
  4. Take Space Deco’s word for it, nothing works wonders like a personal element when it actually comes to dining room interiors!

Accessorize But With Caution

  1. More often than not, we completely fall into the temptation of adding accessories to our personal spaces. However, when it comes to the dining room, you must take note that ‘less is more’. While we want the elegance and aesthetics of decorative items, we also don’t want to have a cluttered dining table at the end of the day. Nobody would want to see a table with more accessories and less food, isn’t it? For a circular shaped table, a beautiful centerpiece would do the job. For longer linear shapes, two to 3 accessories can actually be placed in the middle of the table. And that is pretty much about it.

As one of the renowned names among award-winning interior design companies in Delhi, Space Deco will take care of all your dining room interior design needs. Right from the step where you conceptualize the design to the smallest accessory that you will incorporate, we take care of the entire process from beginning to end. What are you waiting for, get in touch with us for a consultation today!

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