Top 6 Drawing Room Interior Design Tips

The drawing room is actually a formal area of the house that’s meant to host guests and bring them together for warm conversations. It’s an area that belongs to your home, but in essence will actually be exposed to people other than your family members as well. So as to get a formal yet cozy and welcoming vibe, it’s important to hire professional services for your drawing room interior design. Read on to understand what goes into the making of the ideal drawing room that could serve as a haven for your guests.

Use Multiple Layers Of Lighting

As one of the leading interior designers in Delhi, we highly recommend our clients to go for several layers of lighting for a drawing room. This serves 2 purposes.

Firstly, it gives a really sophisticated yet elegant look to the space.

Secondly, it helps to demarcate areas meant to sit (the sofas for example) and also the areas meant to relax (an accent chair with a foot stool).

To achieve this, accent lights should be used along side focal light sources like lamps. For ambient lighting, you can use a chandelier mounted on the ceiling, and your ideal set-up is complete. The make of various light sources will largely depend upon whether you want a traditional or a contemporary feel to your drawing room.

Choose Mood-Defining Colours

Colours have a significant role to play when it comes to setting the mood of any space. Not even the drawing room is any exception to this norm. Based on your personal style and preferences, you’ll choose warm and welcoming tones on the brighter side of the color palette.

This further elevates the energy of the drawing room quite significantly. On the opposite hand, you could also opt for a subdued, calm, and relaxed vibe by choosing cool neutral colours.

At Space Deco, we help our clients make colour choices based on the vibe they need the drawing room to exude.

These days, the market is also replete with myriad kinds of wall art. Choose a unique print that describes your personality and you’ll have a drawing room that tells your personal story on its own. Same goes for the ceilings too.

Arrange Furniture To Create An Intimate Environment

As already mentioned, the drawing room is actually a place for intimate conversations among guests. Therefore, the furniture needs to be arranged in a manner that it’s comfortable for everybody to sit and talk to one another.

The main idea is that each and every single person in the room should be able to make eye contact with all other people present. Furthermore, this can be achieved by arranging all seating furniture items facing each other. You should try and maintain some distance from the walls.

For drawing rooms with a larger area, the seating furniture can actually be placed to create two separate groups for people. These can be really placed in the sort of an arc or semi-circle to maintain the warmth quotient that’s synonymous with a drawing room.

Go For A Window Treatment You Really Love

Space Deco has made a name for itself among the interior designers of Delhi. One among the main reasons for this is the flexibility we allow our clients when doing their drawing room interior design projects.

When it comes to the windows, the selection between contemporary and traditional will decide the sort of treatment to be used. If you really love modern, then blinds are the way to go. For a much more traditional look, heavy as well t luxurious drapes with a generous play of fabrics should actually be used.

Choose Elegant And Plush Floorings

The floor is one of the most critical things in the overall scheme of the interior design of the drawing room. There are a number of options to actually choose from. One particular way to proceed is by making use of wall-to-wall carpeting. This actually works best when you are looking to have a cosy yet a really stylish floor to floor for your guests!

However, if there are young kids or infants who will actually be frequenting the place often, go with hardwood floors. In addition you can even add an area rug or two for that stylish element and a touch of warmth. If you’re someone who can never get enough of the modern look, then stones or tiles are the way to go. Regardless of what you opt for, we’ll assist you pick a material as per your preferences.

Create A Centre Of Attraction

A very important aspect of drawing room interior design is creating a centre of attraction around which the whole space can actually be arranged and set up.

Accessorize Where Possible

Accessories are also an integral part of any sort of interior design endeavour. A drawing room really isn’t any exception to the current norm. Based on the colors of the walls, ceilings, and also the furniture, you need to choose paintings or wall hangings that are complementary in nature. A word of caution here- don’t overdo it as less is more. While hanging art pieces, the height is of prime significance; don’t place them too high. The main idea is that the accessories should feel visually connected to the furniture (sofas for instance), so a medium height would suffice.

Our team at Space Deco, makes drawing room interior design a breeze for our esteemed clients. Our team of professional experts will help all throughout, right from the initiation of the project to the ultimate execution. The final goal is to make the process completely hassle-free. So get in touch with Space Deco today and get a consultation scheduled for your drawing room interior design needs!

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