Things You Must Know About Bar Interior Designing

Bar interior designing encompasses a number of aesthetic and functional elements which will only be taken care of by an expert. Right from conceptualizing the design to procuring the furniture and decorative accents, Space Deco can help you create a unique ensemble that speaks for itself. Read on to understand the finer nuances of bar interior designing and how we can assist you every step of the way!

1. Focus on ways to maximize workplace efficiency

Before we look at the customer, it’s important to know that a bar’s profits are primarily driven by the bartenders. Optimize layouts in a way that facilitates free movement (for the bartenders) while also ensuring the best and most effective utilization of shelf and counter spaces.

Keeping the above in mind, we create bar interior design layouts that actually drive performance efficiencies. For a commercial bar set-up, around 3 inches of space at the very back is deemed to be enough. For the bartenders to freely move around and serve customers, an aisle that is between 31 and 37 inches wide would suffice. Have these dimensions incorporated into your bar layout, and also the staff will be serving your patrons just like a breeze!

2. Follow bar equipment placement guidelines

Another aspect to take care of is the placement of various types of bar equipment. Let us look at them one by one.

First things first, the ice bin should be placed at a good height where the bartenders can scoop ice conveniently, over and over again. Moreover, adjacent to the ice bin should be a sink, for very obvious reasons.

Next in line are the cleaning supplies- place them in a caddy that’s easily accessible, but not visible to the customers. Stack the glassware at the very back and over the counter as well.

Keep all the garnishing essentials over the counter so that you’ll be able to top that Caesar drink with pickled olives in a jiffy, perfect that Sangria with melon balls and berries, and the like!


3.  Make it inviting for the customers

Now that we’ve seen what has to be done on the layout side of things, it’s time to concentrate on the king- the customer! Always remember that a bar is actually a place where people usually hang out for conversations and bonding, over drinks and food. Thus it goes without saying that the atmosphere should be warm and welcoming.

Furthermore, interacting with friends and family as well because the bartenders should be devoid of any sort of barriers. In this context, choosing an open concept counter design is actually a great choice. In addition, the patrons can further get a glimpse of all those lovely as well as fancy bottles in a single shot, which indirectly drives sales too.

4.  Keep the lighting moderate yet balanced

Lighting plays an important role in bar interior designing. While the ambiance is of prime importance here, we also ought to make sure that there’s an ideal balance between dim and bright lighting. Bar stools and tables can cope with dim lighting that provides a very cozy vibe for the customers to sit down and relish their drinks and food.

On the opposite hand, the server area where orders are being placed should have ample lighting where customers can make payments and tip the bartenders too, with ease. To get a perfect balance, choose accent lights. These are excellent style statements and provide the desired functionality too.

5.  Mix and match the furniture

As one of the leading Delhi interior designers, we take pride in delivering the best and most effective consultation and designs to our clients. Taking that tradition forward, we assist you to procure the best furniture pieces for your commercial bar projects, at optimum prices.

To create an enthralling atmosphere, opt for a mixture of furniture pieces. Bar stools, lounge chairs, and open-style tables make the proper style statement. This also ensures that your bar doesn’t look one-dimensional. Furthermore, depending upon your style preferences, we source all the furniture for you, making it a really smooth and completely hassle-free experience.

6.  Do not compromise on comfort

While going for a superlative bar interior design, it’s also necessary to bear in mind that comfort is the key to serve guests. Restrooms should be incorporated within the overall scheme of things. They have to be placed such that they’re not too close to the dining or bar area. Also, the directions to the restrooms should be clearly marked so that the customers can go there of their own, without having to ask of the staff for directions. Adequate cleanliness, as well as sanitation measures, should be followed, while also keeping the aesthetics intact.

The one factor that is still consistent across all bar design elements is the music you really choose to play. It is the only component that will keep your guests engaged all through. Go for something that makes an upbeat and lively environment. Happy guests are what we eventually want!

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