Millennials strongly believe in a holistic experience at the workspace. A complete sense of belonging, a feeling of kinship, and a full focus on meaningful work is what the office culture should be about. Nowadays, organizations are working towards employee engagement and completely embracing change with open arms with a flat hierarchy and collaborative environment.

An interactive and fun environment motivates employees which in turn results in a better level of productivity. This brings us to the most important question. Are you perceptive enough about the skills as well as ideas that millennials are bringing to the table? Does your workplace seem like the sort of office “millennial employees” want to work in? 

With the increase in millennials at workplaces, it’s essential to foster a culture which will not only retain your staff but also bring out the best in them. Continue reading the below article to know about some vital design changes that you can incorporate easily within your layout in order to make a environment that is much more millennial-friendly.


When work requires complete focus & dedication, majority of companies often go for a conventional workspace design with a policy of absolutely zero distraction. However, do these workspaces build or drain productivity on the floor? 

Modern-day workplaces are designed to match the passion and energy levels of a millennial workforce, with a creative space that enables employees to feel at ease so they’ll carry out their tasks efficiently. 

Comfort at the workplace can easily be achieved by providing individuals with the correct technology and tools, within easy reach. If people spend a large part of their day sitting at their desks, make sure that you select the correct chairs for firm physical support. Ergonomic accessories, like adjustable monitor arms and drafting chairs, offer the flexibility of fixing positions as and when required. It’s quite important to invest in functional furniture like standing desks and task chairs to concentrate on better employee health conditions at the office.


Do corner offices as well as closed cubicles describe your current layout? If yes, then it’s time to fully invest in some modern designs. The millennial generation stroi believes that the key to innovation is a collaborative office culture.

You need to make way for a more open floor plan and thus break away from traditional office layouts. You need to completely avoid private offices that build creative barriers and therefore hinder the flow of information.

When thinking of an office layout, think versatile! Select furniture that accommodates a good range of work styles. For instance, adjustable-height desks are the correct choice when it comes to meeting individual needs. You’ll also consider a few bean bags to replace those traditional office chairs. In addition, freestanding dividers such as bookshelves and planter walls can assist to completely infuse an element of privacy into a very open work area.


It’s important to foster the correct sort of atmosphere within the workplace by gaining traction during this new era of startups and small businesses, with the help of a modern & cooperative approach. Employees learn from each other, come up with bright ideas and make strong connections while they work together. This implies interactive spaces in numerous sizes are a must in your open office. 

For private meetings and quick discussions, you’ll even be able to consider a few privacy booths, meeting booths as well as personal pods. 


Biophilic designs are further becoming increasingly popular, with an emphasis on a strong connection with one’s natural environment. Moreover, plants simply add a warm and lively feel to your interiors and are quite conducive to a much higher performance level at work. A recent research paper, showed that the productivity of employees who have access to greener offices was significantly much higher than those working in traditional environments.

Furthermore, leafy potted plants as well as colorful planters in your space can reduce the “pro-forma” avatar of your workspace. You’ll also be able to add design elements such as a large windows for plenty of natural light to come through and really pretty flower vases for a good visual appeal. For more information about interior designing contact Space Deco or visit our website.

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