Positive Colors for a Joyful Home

In the article given below we’ll be discussing an important topic that’s “Positive Colors for a Joyful Home” let’s discuss it in detail:

, depression can make feel less involved and people suffering from it aren’t someone you’d call “verbose”. Depression is itself a really tricky concept, one moment you might feel happy and really enthusiastic and the next everything just comes back hitting you. It actually kicks you down and lets you come back up only to hit even harder this time. In depression your mind controls you.

We may all have this similar feeling once in a while but there’s a difference between this once in a blue and clinical depression. Lifting up our mood is actually also our mind game. Sometimes we can actually trick our brain into thinking that we are happy or sad. External factors have an upper hand in this. Our surroundings define who we are. They can actually be a bad omen or a good sign; they can even help elevating one’s mood and also depression.

Color therapy is one such therapy which uses colors in order to connect with our soul. It has actually been used extensively within the field of interior designing, for e.g; the colour red is avoided in the bedroom because it causes us to feel anger as well as resentment within ourselves and even towards others. The colour blue and green are soothing to our eyes. in the same context colors are often used to tackle the brain of a depressed patient. When it actually comes to coloring the room of a depressed person it can be quite tricky and sensitive. It can either heal them or it can worsen the situation. Color therapy should be used very carefully.

Interior designing is actually rooted quiet deep in the society. The interior design of a person’s house can actually help understand a person’s personality too

Exposure to certain colors causes change in one’s mood and also by controlling the colours we can even alter our emotional and mental state by will.

All the colours evoke different types of emotions within us. Typically, colors like blue indigo as well as violet often evoke positive emotions. After entering a yellow colored room have you ever felt a bit chirpier? That’s actually because colors play quite a important role in our daily life. Furthermore, we our compelled to play with colors in our life be it white or black, we see, feel and thus invent colors everywhere.

If you ever want to paint a depressed person’s room, you’ve got to keep some things in mind; Avoid dark colors which evoke sadness and loneliness, or too gloomy colors which evoke sadness. Colors which are too bright can even play the opposite role because the depressed person might not be ready for such a high steep in life.


Some of the colours which help treat or tackle depression are:

1. Orange

Orange color actually decreases feeling of dreadness and further increases concentration as well as alertness. Moreover, it even encourages wistfulness as well as motivates to be hopeful. Thus, orange color is extremely encouraging and lively.

2. Blue

It helps to actually reduce tension in the body helping depression and anxiety. It also assists you to regulate your sleep cycle. It’s also soothing and calm and not too bright nor too gloomy thus balancing the too and being relatable to a depressed person.

3. Green

It is also very soothing and relaxing. The colour green also reminds the brain of happy places and things like gardens and parks and forests and beaches.

4. Turquoise

Turquoise resembles light green as well as light blue thus creating a mix of the 2 and combining their effect.

When all or just some of these colors are actually incorporated together, they create a really lively and a peaceful combination. They not only help the depressed person but also reflect on their behavior. Interior designing is a work of art which intertwine with our emotions as well as personality. It varies quite differently from person to person and from personality to personality. Moreover, it even helps us in ways we can’t even think of. Therefore, interior designing isn’t only a profession but also a therapy and a feeling which is usually shared with the client.

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