We require organic lights in the same way that plants absorb sunshine to be green and lush. That’s why it is critical to design your home airflow, especially if you devote the majority of your day at house. 


How to Use  Sunlight in Your Home:

Arrangement of furniture:

Arrange your furniture in such a manner so that it does not hinder the passage of sunshine via your windows. You may even set up a small table next to the window ledge to concentrate in clear sunshine. When winter arrives, you will need significantly greater heating, so attempt to make your house look cosy by utilising a rug and lighting inside.


Choose bright color for the walls:

Because light colours absorb sunshine, ensure that the place where you work or dedicate the majority of your time is painted in beautiful light tones. This creates a more pleasant environment and improves mood about sitting down there, resulting in a good psychological connection with the location.  You’ll also be capable to employ soft curtains for the window instead of strong materials that block the flow of sunshine entering your space.

Arrange mirror in your space smartly:

Typically, sunlight reaches your place through one of two openings: your windows and the doorway. Consider placing a mirror on the panel towards the sunlight origin to ensure that light reaches the whole space. Furthermore, the mirror shows the sparkling rays and bathes your entire space in light.


Sunroofs or bigger windows should be installed:

A thick strip of sunroof will not only make your interiors appear far more futuristic, but will also help your residence absorb the nutritious natural daylight, allowing you to optimize your home’s airflow. If your house does not have a skylight, make sure your attic ventilation is open and free of dust. If sunroofs are out of the question, try assigning one part of your room walls to bigger windows that let in natural light.

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