Making a luxury living room is all about bringing your taste to the plate, and if you prefer spacious, airy and striking features in your room, the modern style is certainly for you. Modern living room design ideas are evolving constantly after drawing from other styles and incorporating cultural elements.

Modern Living Room Design Ideas

Statement Pieces

Look for something that holds your attention. It can be an art installation, a painting or a mural. An art piece that sets the aesthetic tone of the room to your liking are going to be a striking centrepiece that glues the room together. Statement pieces are an expression of your taste.

Curtains and carpets

These are two elements with so much synergy, there’s literally a phrase that goes “Does the carpet match the drapes”. You’ll want curtains which will assist you control the light and catch the breeze. Design ideas for modern living room such as curtains that are remote-controlled bring an additional functional layer to the space. Carpets give the space a much cosier vibe in addition to complementing the room, especially if you live in a place with cold weather conditions.


Unique shapes that are bold and contrasting materials are a hallmark of design ideas for modern living rooms. Furniture for modern living room stands out as much, if not more than any statement piece you’ll be able to imagine about. Contrasting colours and shapes make the space more interesting and permit you to bring in everyone’s unique tastes to the space. It’s quite common for modern living rooms to possess several pieces of furniture of various colours and materials. In addition, wood finishes are much less common among design ideas for modern living room, with glass, chrome & fabric finishes leading the way at the top.

Walls and Roofing

Modern living room design ideas like accent walls and false ceilings are highly regarded in luxury living rooms. Not only do they permit you to customize walls and ceilings dynamically, but they also provide innovative lighting options. Embedded lighting in false ceilings can offer you a really futuristic yet classy aesthetic. Accent walls are one amongst the most commonly used large wall decor ideas for living room designs within the modern style. They also provide different textures, patterns and colors which will stand out in the room.

Window Decor

A way to maintain your privacy which is much more functional would be to use blinds, two-way glass or tinted window panes. These can change the temperature of the area in a more subtle, unobtrusive way while adding another design element. Innovative blinds allow you to usher in different shapes and patterns of light to the space while allowing you to freely enjoy the view from your living room.


Modern living room design ideas maintain the identical colour between the walls and also the floor. If you wish to punctuate the flooring with something different, a carpet is actually a great way to make a portion of the space stand out. One among the places where wood is usually utilized in modern design is the floor. Other choices are tiling, marble & carpeted floors in colours that really complement the walls.

Living the dream

When you build a home and design a space, you do it with the hope that you just won’t need to change it due to any external factors. Furthermore, absolutely no one likes that new high-rise which blocks out the light, breeze and thus ruins the view.

Every property designed by Space Deco is aimed toward providing a greener space to live where everyone has the space to express themselves and build out their imagination.

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