Luxury Interior Design Hacks You Can Easily Try Now

A home is an area for rest, recovery, and tranquillity. Therefore, your dream home needs to be designed in a way that emanates grandeur and luxury, which is something that everyone looks forward to. In order to make things easier, we’ve some tips and tricks on luxury interior design for you. Read on to understand more!

1. Mirror Mirror All The Way!

Mirrors can do wonders to an area by creating an illusion of space when placed appropriately. You can visit any of the best interior designers in Delhi and their 1st suggestion to you would be going for classy mirror placements so as to add grandeur to the space.

The larger the dimensions of the mirror, the more it’ll magnify and reflect the actual space within the house. The same thing goes for the bathrooms as well. As a matter of fact, floor length mirrors are an enormous hit when it comes to luxury interior design.

2.  Let The Wall Do The Talking!

The key element of luxury interior design are the walls. First things first, you need to choose classic neutrals when it comes to the color of the walls. You’ll be able to add a pop of colour through unique accessories or wall accents.

Classic hues further add a subtle yet elegant feel to the space, and are quite easy to repaint. Add just a dash of lustre and finesse to any space by making use of semi-glossy wallpapers.

Choose something that’s an expression of your personal style. The only word of caution here isn’t to go overboard with the shine else it’ll look gaudy- way too much for the eyes!

3.  Décor That Creates A Statement!

The cornerstone of a luxury interior design is actually the décor. Statement pieces play a noteworthy role in uplifting an area many notches higher on the style radar.

One way of doing this can be by incorporating a chandelier within the space. It not only looks luxurious, however will create light accents on the walls (which are pretty to mention the least).

You can also choose classy rugs that completely define the areas within the house, and complement the furniture well. Still eyeing more luxury?

If you’ve got the money to splurge, we recommend going heavy on one piece of furniture. It might be the dining table or the sofa. You need to opt for wood with intricate carvings. In addition, you need to ensure that this piece of furniture is visible from most points within the house. Luxury rains, and therefore the home reigns! A win-win situation according to us at Space Deco.

4.  Blinds That Fit!

Talking of the window panels within the house, you need to make use of proper detailing and measurements. Moreover, a slightly more longer blind that extends on both sides of the window panel will never win on the luxury quotient.

On the opposite hand, a tidy well-fitted blind will do wonders to the overall look and feel of the space. You’ll easily be able to choose elegant blinds of the Roman style. Wood blinds are also gaining popularity nowadays.

The main idea here is to keep the measurements as precise as possible and then the space will automatically radiate a charm of its own.

5.  Eat/dine In Style!

Families rarely eat together on the same dinning table. Most of the times it’s a mixture of eating on the go, eating out, or eating in living rooms. However there’s still room for your dining table to create a luxury statement within your home.

All you really need to do is spruce up the table presentation. Always keep it decked with sophisticated dinner ware as well as cutlery.

Let some fruits and fancy tissues take the centre stage, and you’ve got a readymade luxury space in your dream home!

6.  Bathrooms That Stand Out!

Bathrooms are one amongst the most significant areas within the house that interior designers look at. Furthermore, some tips for the bathroom- make use of faucets that are elegant as well as fancy, use mirrors where possible, pick up soap as well as lotion dispensers and tooth brush holders which match perfectly with the tile colours. In simpler words, the above mentioned tips really help to alleviate the luxurious factor significantly.

Apart from these tips, you must also focus on adding cosiness and warmth to the house through the use of-

  • Basic bedding,
  • Fine threaded upholstery and furnishings,
  • Layers of fabric, and
  • Individual pillows and cushions in unique styles

As you’d have seen by now, luxury isn’t always a direct outcome of money. All you really need is some creativity and also the knack of showcasing things in a certain way, and you’re all set! For more information contact Space Deco or visit our website.

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