Smart living refers to a life that’s enhanced by smart design, supported by sound innovations & fully inspired by the wise use of space. We present you with tips, information and views to take your way of living to the very next level in this following article.


From times immemorial, humans have always craved security. One amongst the 1st ways they chose to achieve this was through shelter. The feeling of a roof over their head and 4 walls around, protected him from the elements and the wild. Over the several years, they added to the concept of this shelter. And now it evolved into one which is today an extension of their personality, life-enhancing and keeps them and their family enviously healthy & happy.

While choosing your next home, choose an area that goes beyond its original purpose of providing shelter. One where you’ll be able to feel innovation touching your each day. Where smarter design complements urban conveniences, and where one can step in to recharge and emerge ready to face a brand new day.


Lifestyles, homes and all fixture in it are rapidly changing, worldwide. Today all these luxurious as well as practical conveniences are available to you. Also you’ll be able to choose from doors from Italy, flooring from Spain, German-fitted windows and wardrobe, kitchen & vanity solutions. Apart from knowing your home has one of the best the world has to offer, you’ll be able to also rest assured that these features will look good and last long. As new trends keep on emerging everyday, your home will always remain a timeless abode.


Now more than ever, there’s a necessity to lead healthy lifestyles that are also aware of the environment. This implies the home, where you spend a lot of your time, has to contribute to your health and conserve the environment where it really is. Weather it be through well-lit homes, greenery around the home or spaces used wisely, you need to choose  wisely. You need to choose a home that’s ecologically conscious in construction and also in the lifestyle it offers you.


The fine line between work, health & play are fast blurring, and you cannot always afford to spend hours on the road between these. Which is why homes today are set in communities that have access to lifestyle conveniences and company spaces – within minutes.


Numerous realtors within the city offer the dual advantage of experience and expertise. At Space Deco, we believe aside from this, there are numerous other features that completes any living space. Some of them are global living features, smart design, conscious living and especially, innovation.

Most importantly, a house can never be a home without warmth, good energies as well as people. Fill it with all this, and you’ll be able to sit back and say ‘Home Sweet Home’.

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