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    Modular Kitchen are modern Interior designed kitchens. These days modular kitchen gives a big impression on Indian Homes. In such type of kitchen, there are multiple cabinets are made to give your kitchen an organized and elegant look. As it helps in organizing things in a smart and easy way.

    Those days are gone when kitchen was a closed room, the current trend of modular kitchen in an open space is dedicated to culinary exploration. There were days when kitchen was used only for preparing food but nowadays are relatively larger and aesthetic in a variety of ways, that best suits the clients needs. Most importantly modular kitchens are not only elegant but also durable, because high quality plywood is integrated in building. That is why, it is important to work with an experienced design and construction company that will able to advise you on the good quality materials to use.

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    Why to Choose Kitchen Interior Design

    “This is our specialty to make ambiance into a thought-provoking environment”. The key to a productive environment is a logical structure where the employee feels the impact of the business in which they are involved. To do manipulating space using colors is another use of this design. All of our hotel office designed by us follows the actual flow that measures most in usability, and connectivity which needs to be present among other employees.

    Color is another factor that gives you value and detriment creativity while deep moving can enhance productivity. Kitchen Interiors designers have an inner sense of color significance when it comes to office designs, designers have successfully designed many offices where color has strongly increase employee efficiency.

    “Powerful and creative workspaces today and again”, is our reason for existence in the market, our success in this market is reflected in our clients’ reviews such as excellent, unmatchable.

    Types Of Modular Kitchen:

    L-shaped modular kitchen– The most commonly designed kitchen layouts. This type of kitchen is best for compact space, as it makes maximum use of the available space.

    · Straight modular kitchen– This type of kitchen is suitable for studio apartments, as it helps to keeping the space minimum and while support optimum efficiency.

    · U-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout-This layout provides the most systematic work triangle and arrange the most storage.

    · Parallel Shaped Kitchen Layout– This layout with two, long working area confronting each other, it can be separated into ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ workspaces.

    · Island Modular Kitchen Layout– Island modular kitchen layout is the one that combines a straight line or L-shaped kitchen model with an unconnected island space. This layout can be used as an add on counter area or breakfast counter. This kitchen layout is perfect for an open living space and for entertaining, with 2 opposite facing working areas as well as storage space.

    · G-Shaped Modular Kitchen Layout– This type of kitchen is having four- wall storage, it is considered the perfect layout for homes with small kitchen space, the G-Shaped gives all the benefit of an island modular while make use of minimum floor space.

    Space Deco is one of the leading interior designers offering the best modular kitchen in Gurgaon. Once you get you modular kitchen designed by us, our expert designer will help you suggesting the suitable modular kitchen design as per you needs. Get you custom made modular kitchen cabinets with ample workspace from the supreme interior designing company in Gurgaon. We are completely committed to delivering unique and inspired designs that fully satisfy all the expectations of our clients’ through collaboration as well as exceptional designs in modular kitchen in Gurgaon.

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