Interior Design For Better Mental Health

Life in this modern era brings with it stress and pressures of all different kind. There have actually been numerous studies and discussions on factors which promote better mental. A recent outcome that has been emerging out of such studies is actually the impact of interior design on our mental make-up. Humans are known to be significantly influenced by their environment, which is why it’s important to completely understand how interior design can contribute to making us happy and healthy.

A homely environment is nothing but a mixture of peace, rejuvenation, connection, and productivity. Space Deco, the best interior designers in Delhi can help you achieve just that. If you want know what makes a holistic interior design which is conducive for positivity and mental health, then continue reading the article.


An open concept interior design is nothing but a projection of an open mind. Keeping minimal but important furniture whilst having many free spaces in a home is the primary step to happiness.

An uncluttered home allows for completely free flow of energy and refreshes the mind like that first sip of morning coffee. Make your home an area just for objects that are functional and beautiful. If something isn’t useful or meaningful to you, it presumably needs to go out of your home. A really neat and tidy space is your perfect sanctuary for mental peace.



Colours play a crucial role in defining an interior. Hues that are Bright and flashy are basically known to create an aura of tension and anxiety within an area. Rather, light and neutral shades are what you ought to look at.

On numerous occasions, the surroundings of the space will determine what colour scheme to really use. For instance, a room with a window that opens out to an abundance of green plants and trees, would do great with a neutral colour which might reflect the natural greenery pretty well.

For those living in cold climates, earthy tones serve as the ideal backdrop. Align the colors with the natural environment and also the weather, and you actually have a winner on your hands.

3. Light It Up

It is no surprise when we say that natural light features a significant impact on mental health. In addition, the boosts of energy as well as vitality that come with sunlight promote happiness and well-being. If you really wish to achieve this, your interior must have ample room for natural light to come in.

All the various rooms and living spaces should have good inflow of light and be well-ventilated. Even for work places, the same holds true. Employees who work in environments with abundant natural light at their desk are popularly known to consistently perform well at their job, and even have great quality of sleep. Moreover, you can easily consult us, the best interior designers in Delhi to understand the perfect lighting for your home or office space.


Natural elements like plants, sea shells, stones, wooden fireplaces etc. all contribute positively to happiness. They have a soothing and calming influence on the mind and assist you to feel grounded. Looking at a fresh green plant in a corner of your house after a entire day of client communications on the laptop can do wonders to your psyche. The levels of energy go up and you end up feeling fresh as ever.


Human beings are creatures that tend to be at their best when they are in environments which are as close to nature as possible. This is where the selection of works of art in your home matter. A image of a bike or a robot can induce a sense of tension or anxiety.

On the contrary, the image of a landscape can have a really soothing impact on the energy of the space.

The best interior designers in Delhi advise their clients to go for natural pictures rather than any artificial elements. It is also vital to have family pictures that foster a sense of togetherness as well as harmony within the house. Family unions are highly imperative to an individual’s happiness.


The impact of interior design is quite prominent on mental health. Sciences such as the feng shui have actually been in existence since quite long time now. Free flow of energy is greatly know to better mental health. So what are you waiting for contact Space Deco, the best interior designing firm in Delhi, for a holistic design for your home and office spaces.

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