Importance of Lighting In Home Design

Go to any of the interior design companies in Delhi, and you’ll realize that no project is complete without paying great attention to the lighting aspect of the design. It is a known fact that lighting plays a major role in creating the size and aura of the space. The importance of lighting in home design and how you’ll be able to make the most out of what you have is given below:

1. Good Lighting Gives Illusion of more space

Adequate amount of lighting, natural or man-made, can do great wonders to the size of your home.

Lighting reflects back from surfaces creating an illusion of more room. Particularly it works quite well with rooms that are darker and tinier. It is said that greater the inflow of light, higher the intensity of beams that reflect back.

There are variety of ways through which you’ll be able to incorporate lighting in home design.

  • The use of large-sized windows is one.
  • You can also quite easily make use of floor length mirrors in order to reflect maximum light.
  • Another effective way of bringing in natural light into your space is through the utilization of sheer curtains.
  • 2.  Good Lighting Promotes Good mental health

Natural light is known to supply many health benefits. Inflow of light that is of ample amount will create an aura of positivity, therefore making your home a sanctuary to rest as well as rejuvenate.

Light boosts vitality and energy and alleviates the mood of the house to quite a different level.

Space Deco, one of the best interior design companies in Delhi recommend designs that make room for lots of light to come in.

3.  The Functional Aspect

It goes without saying that lighting incorporates a key function to play in a home setup. There are several functions for which lighting is imperative.

First and foremost, it illuminates the whole room or area making everything visible to the human eye. Sections of the house like stairs or walkways need illumination.

Then there are certain areas where you’ll need dedicated lighting to serve your needs. for instance, you’ll need a separate lamp at your study desk in the house. The bed reading lamp will be a unique one. Lamps with very subtle lighting is used at nighttime for minimum yet visible illumination.

The bathrooms will have a special lighting setup and so will the vanity and dressers. Obvious yet important, this is often what the functional aspect of lighting in home design is all about.


4.  Focused Lighting

Lighting in home design may also be customised in a way so as to highlight certain key elements in the house. Spotlights or directional lighting are the proper example of focused lighting.

You can use highlights to target a specific accessory or a centre piece. In addition, they can even be used to create wall accents or to illuminate walkways with beautiful patterns.

You can also utilise focused lighting to emphasise mirrors or art work. Get in touch with Space Deco, the interior design companies in Delhi to get a lighting solution that satisfies your personal style and preferences.


5.  Manage Colours

Just as lighting creates an illusion of extra space, it can even be used to manage the intensity of colors in your home. There are some kinds of lighting which illuminate only the floor with fading intensity as we move towards the walls.

Certain other types of lighting are restricted only to the walls. Moreover, they assist to soften or brighten the wall colours as required.

Depending on which section you consider, you’ll be able to make your space look darker or brighter in colour. Opt for something that befits your personality and also the aura of the house too.

Furthermore, lighting can make or mar the interior of a home. If you really do it right, and it’ll seamlessly blend into the overall design, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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