Working for a startup or a brand new business means you usually have something to do. Your days are full, and also the work isn’t ending. It’s a strong passion for your job that motivates you to come into the office on a daily basis and leave with the satisfaction of having contributed to the larger picture.

A heavy schedule only means your staff looks forward to their breaks eagerly, be a hot cup of coffee or lunch time with their colleagues. Taking a breather from work is vital because it helps A person to relax As well as come back to work with a refreshed state of mind.

And that’s why you require an exciting cafeteria. An area where people can unwind, catch up for some minutes or perhaps enjoy a meal together. 

Cafeterias not follow traditional models with long rows of tables and chairs that were the norm in large enterprises, back within the day. Small, open offices call for vibrant, energetic spaces that fuel creativity and enhance the general look and feel of the workplace. Here are some recommendations on how to design the perfect cafeteria.


The aesthetics of a space play a crucial role when it comes to influencing a person’s state of mind. A pleasant combination of adequate lighting, bright colors and pops of greenery will create a soothing space for employees to unwind and relax. You can simply queue up some jazz or RnB to play through the day as people sit down to read, eat or converse over coffee. You’ll also be able to consider interesting wall decor such as murals or stunning photos in order to add a warm & comfortable vibe to the cafeteria.


You need to make sure that your break room has enough space for mobility. Don’t crowd the space with too many tables and chairs. You need to make sure that your plush sofas don’t get in the way when employees want to move around freely. You should work with a basic design in mind so that you’re not creating a hotchpotch of furniture. If you’ve got a serving counter, there should be room around it for people to walk comfortably, while collecting their food. 


For a brand new business, ergonomic and affordable furniture is actually the way to go. In addition, renting your cafeteria furniture further allows you the flexibility you require for a growing your workplace. Choose lightweight tables, chairs, sofas, and ottomans that come together to further form a modern and interesting setup. 


A cafeteria needs to be equipped to sustain employees through the rigors of a really long working day. Whether it’s a coffee machine, water dispensers or a microwave, keep the correct appliances easily available for your staff. Moreover, if you’re going the extra mile to make sure that all employee are completely satisfied, it doesn’t hurt to fill the refrigerator & pantry with a bunch of goodies, for snack time or breakfast.


Ideally speaking, a cafeteria should cater to different work needs. To cope with this, dividing the space into zones will do the trick. An excellent way to foster innovation & motivate productivity is to use standing desks for individual tasks or some couches for group meetings. Equip these zones with the correct technology, whether it’s some digital screens or charging outlets for phones as well as laptops.

Focusing on employee needs only leads to higher efficiency and an excellent cafeteria is one way to get there. When you completely invest in your people, they in turn invest in your business. For more information about interior designing contact Space Deco or visit our website.

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