How To Choose Paint For Walls

So did you think that paints only offer colour to your walls? If so, think again! Nowadays, with the advancement in innovation as well as technology, the paints offer properties such as water-resistant, flame spread resistant, anti-microbial properties and scratch resistant as well. In addition, the performance, protection and array of finishes available determine the right quality of paint. Moreover, this also assists transform 4 walls into creative canvas.

Here’s what you really need to know of the above-mentioned properties!

1.The Flame Spread Resistance: The flame spread resistance is an additional distinction of any paint or polish. The flame retardant coatings are also available for many of combustible materials. In case of a misfortunate fire, these retard flame spread and prevent penetration of heat, thus buying a lot of time for safe escape. When exposed to fire, these coatings chemically react and puff up in order to form a thick, spongy and dense layer that checks fire spread as well as heat penetration.

  1. The Water Repellant Paints: Paints that are water repellant, also solve the issue of mold and mildew, besides making the paint performance last for a long term. Therefore, these paints prevent any type of peeling issues attributed to moisture. Additionally, it also decreases colour fading as well as water spotting. The surface becomes much smoother, easier to clean, and highly durable.
  2. The anti-microbial properties: These properties in the paint create a living environment that is more hygienic, and healthier. The property of moisture resistance goes hand in hand with the antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of paint. Metal such as silver or chemical based anti-microbial are impregnated to paints in order to repel pathogens. It can be said that these paints are perfect for environments with heavy traffic areas such as industry, hospitals, classrooms, offices, as well as commercial entities. It’s essentially vital to completely study the composition of these paints before applying so as to choose the one that’s safe for humans. The paints need to be no-odour, low VOC and green in qualities.

Importance Of Strength & Elasticity of Paint

Furthermore, thin hair line cracks appear within the building because of environmental temperature changes resulting in expansion & contraction. The strength and elasticity of paint determine the ability of a painted wall to remain smooth for a much longer duration. In order to accommodate minor movements these paints have a flexibility and, strength so as to prevent the appearance of cracks, adhesion to absorbent surfaces, low shrinkage as well as water resistance. With all these different qualities stain resistance actually comes as a bonus. By default, this paint becomes non-porus and dense, thereby preventing the penetration of stains as well as making it stain resistant.

Ultimately it all comes to weighing the characteristics of a really good paint, i’d recommend that you must judge paint by the given below points:

  • Wear-ability
  • Coverable Ability
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Protection of the Substrate
  • Environment friendly
  • Aesthetics
  • Practical & cost effectiveness.

Cost effectiveness plays a crucial role while you select paint. The paint must be cheap, immediately ready to use, have fast colour, long lasting and quite easy to apply.

There you go! That’s all you really need to know if you want an answer to how to choose paint for walls. If you have any questions or in case, you require professional help, get in touch with Space Deco! We at Space Deco, offer interior designing services in Delhi NCR.

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