In the following article we’ll mention a crucial topic that’s “HOW HERITAGE AND CONTEMPORARY ETHOS CO-EXIST” now let’s discuss in detail:

Ethos means ‘character’ that’s used to describe the guiding beliefs that characterize a community, nation, or ideology, the power in something to influence the morals or emotions. Today we are about to discuss “How heritage and contemporary ethos co-exist in our society?”

If you take a walk you will realize that our Indian Culture, our Indian Heritage, and Contemporary Ethos co-exist with the high-rise apartments and office buildings, which deeply reflects that how the Indian has evolved the Interior Design Ideas from all over the world.

The architecture and the Interior Designs are nowadays evocative of narratives from different parts of the world, such as British, Moghul, Jewish, Chinese, American, and many more other communities.


At the beginning of the 20th century, a very large variety of indigenous house types existed in India.

In the late 1800s and 1900s, India was blessed with the varieties of beautiful and Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Ethos which make the city more all during and always have been influencing the artwork and the culture of our country all over the world.


A Bungalow belongs to the style of a house or cottage.

They are basically small in terms of size and square footage and often are distinguished by the presence of dormer windows and verandas.

The development of the suburbs during the late 19th century and early 20th centuries, the population of India suddenly increases and the Indian’s inner cities started to become more dense and crowded.

These suburbs decided to carry the Urban Design Ideas of the time, with a bungalow as the house type.

Its dispersed settlement pattern was actually considered to be healthier and was socially preferred more.


An Independent Building means a building solely only for you on a piece of land.

You pay the owner of a particular land and after making a house on that piece of land then that house will be known as your Independent House.

In this case, you have to maintain the entire space by yourself, that’s why it is called as “independent”.

The trend of Independent Houses rises in the mid-1900. Such Independent Houses are commonly taken by the city’s middle-class people.

The city’s middle-class people were the majority who own their own Independent Houses, which have typically red oxide stone floors, horizontal wooden bars to lock the doors, slatted Venetian painted windows, intricately worked cornices, and patterned cast-iron railings with an open roof terrace.

The Interior Design of these Independent Houses was so beautiful. The Interior Design Style was entire of the Bengali middle class.


The Interior Designing Ideas keep on changing but what never expires is the source of inspiration.

And the source of inspiration in all over India, even all over the world, starts with the diversity of a particular culture and heritage.

India is known for its fine artwork and best paintings which shows the glory of the Indian Tradition and its diversity.

Nowadays, the people of India wish for a simple and classy Interior Design, with a touch of their culture and tradition.

The Interior Design of an owner’s house shows his/her creativity and the owner’s tastes and sensibility.

The ethos and aesthetic sensibility always remain the same as it was before in the late 1900s.


Indians, at the present time, wishes for a Traditional and Cultural Interior Designs, which gives a glory touch of an Indian Culture in their homes, in order to make it more graceful and beautiful.

Indians are so connected with their tradition and culture and that’s the biggest reason they wish to design their homes in Cultural Interior Designs to make the home feel like a very fresh and peaceful place.

They put their major attention on the entrance of the houses because it is from where the guest comes in and hence to put the best impression they do take care of the Interior Design of their home and their dining room, where antique shelf, to hold the fine bone cine and cutlery, works so beautifully.

The Antique Wooden Interior or furniture makes the home more appealing and heavenly gorgeous.

Their pooja room is one of the most important parts of their house. Modern shelving with a traditional carved wood accent in the pooja room definitely gives a very special styling to that room.

Modern Lighting in the pooja room or in the study room gives a very pleasant look. Make sure you are doing maximum use of Natural Lights.


So, these are the topics that show that the Heritage and Contemporary Ethos still co-exist in a very pleasing and gorgeous way.

The ideas of Interior Designing may keep on changing but the source of inspiration, i.e. the Culture and the Tradition, always remain the same.

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