Interior design sounds interesting, doesn’t it? There is a lot more to the role of an interior designer than picking out fabric and rearrangement of furniture. Interior design requires creativity, knowledge of colors, and good communication skills.

An interior designer does much more than you might think, so let’s review what exactly an interior designer does all day long:

  • Consult with New Clients- Both new and existing clients are expected to consult with an interior designer. In consultation, the client’s needs and wants are discussed, the budget and deadline are determined, and new ideas are discussed. When it comes to design, it is important to meet the expectations of the client. If the client is unhappy, then the designer has failed.
  • Create Design Boards- Using paint and fabric samples, the designer designs a room after the consultation process is finished. Once the client’s feedback is obtained, the design can be changed and refined. Computer programs are used to create designs.
  • Design for Function and Safety- Design is more than just color and style. Designers must consider the functionality of a space. Therefore, the designer must consider how people will move around the hotel, office, and kitchen as well as how the layout will facilitate work or reduce stress. It is also important for designers to consider meeting existing safety codes when designing rooms and buildings.
  • Update Clients- The interior designer’s primary responsibility is communicating with and working with clients. Clients may be upset or unhappy, and they need to keep them updated on the project’s progress. There may be unexpected issues that result in extra expense and designers won’t know what to do. That’s the tricky part of the job.

An interior designer does a lot of other work to make your interior unique.

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