In the article given below we’ll be discussing an important topic that’s “HOME DESIGN TRENDS” let’s look into it in detail:

The real beauty of design is actually its ability to adapt, morph as well as incorporate influences that enhance style and function at the same time. It’s interesting to actually see patterns unfolding that address our needs as society and environment even more. With all of this in mind, here are the top 5 home design trends:

1. Earth Tones

Let’s start with color. Even though the Pantone color of the year is Classic Blue which actually embraces cool tones, there’s another pattern which is emerging. Embracing earth tones is one among the home interior design color trends in 2020. Colours like Yellow ochre, Olive green, as well as burnt orange are shades that bring warmth and a connection to the great outdoors.

Things like furniture and accessories mimic natural elements of wood, plants, and metals, which further offer a chance to create a calming environment that is very similar to being outside. For several people spending tons of time indoors, this is a welcome feeling. This doesn’t mean you really need to go neutral or too safe! Opting to go Bold can happen in the form of black doors or also with the help of a chocolate brown velvet sofa. Incorporating these tones are often creative and offer a uniquely grounded look.

2. Curvy Shapes

Curvy shapes is a home design trend which is nothing but a distinct throwback. It’s the reemergence of curvy shapes. This trend was inspired by the 60s and 70s, with modern twist rounded furniture makes it’s way back to the trending list. Line and curve mesh so as to highlight the beauty of form. We are seeing soft and padded furniture pieces like sofas, chaises as well as benches designed with undulation and asymmetry as their guidelines. It’s quite common to see curved sofas when looking for home design Ideas particularly for living room because they welcome conversation.

Such designs which are free form will reach their peak this year giving a nod to organic form. With a more than ever necessity to actually invite the tranquil energy of nature into our abode, this makes sense. Design that emulate waves, circles, as well as curves actually offer a softness we crave.

3. Multifunctional Spaces

With households experiencing remote working as well and learning at home in the current situation, multifunctional spaces have actually become one of the most apt home design trends. Design trends for homes have taken to open-plans for a while now making, thus making the existence of multifunctional rooms actually possible. A doubling up of space and functionality is most commonly seen within the kitchen and dining room areas. Kitchens with islands can actually easily become both a dining table as well as a workstation. In this particular way, people are actually able to cook, eat, socialize and work all at the same time. Breakfast bays and kitchen counters are particularly good for housea with tiny spaces or smaller home floorplans. These areas eliminate the necessity for an entire separate room since it cuts out the need for an additional whole separate room.

Another trending combination is playrooms with other areas of the house, particularly the child’s bedroom. With some savvy spatial layouts, kids can play as well as sleep in a space that’s safe and actually allows other rooms of the home to be used. Certainly, if you’d wish to keep an eye on your kiddos while cooking or working, other areas like a corner of the living room or space under the steps are often converted into a comfortable space.

For those who need a workout and can’t get to the gym, an unused area in the garage or basement is actually ideal for those weights and spin bike. Don’t have that space? No worries. there’s equipment (resistance bands, jump rope, dumbbells) and storage options that allow you to pull out your workout gear to use practically in any space.

4. Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is actually a 2020 home design trend that includes natural elements (materials, light, vegetation) into modern built environments that directly impacts our overall health. Furthermore, research shows that if you incorporate direct or indirect elements of nature into your home environment, it further helps in reducing stress and balancing blood pressure levels as well as heart rates. Additionally, this type of design further increases creativity, productivity as well as self-reported rates of well-being. Incredible outcome, right? So, how does this look in design?


use of natural light

incorporating water through fountains

including indoor plants, living walls, indoor gardens


use of materials that are natural (preferably recycled) such as metal,  stone, wood

selecting colors that are found in nature

using images of nature

In a society that’s giving significance to both sustainability in our environment and also promoting wellness, biophilic design is actually being integrated more into our day to day lives.

5. Rattan + Wicker Furniture

Rattan and wicker furniture which was once considered as an exterior material has actually risen the ladder of design for home interior pieces. Rattan+ wicker offers a warmth and charm that will further be utilized in modern, transitional, boho styles and many more. Whether taking on contemporary or even more traditional shapes, having rattan+wicker pieces in your home as decor invites organic elements that actually layer well with other decor.

Break up a modern inspired living room by using wicker ottomans or simply add a beach feel to a glamorous bedroom by including a rattan bench or accent chair. However it’s introduced, furniture in this material adds an casual or informal and comfy element to any space.

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