Because research shows that sitting up straight boosts productivity, the best chairs for studying encourage good posture. Here are the official picks and a few tips for high performance.


1. The High Back Chairs

Often, when you study for hours at a time, you might not even realize that you’re slumping over, hunching your shoulders, and morphing your spine into a “C” shape. Solid wood high back chairs aren’t a one-stop-shop for every postural issue, but their supportive, no-frills backrests can be a welcome change for people used to sinking into a seat that bends with each movement.


2. The Sofa Chairs

Often, it’s hard to find a comfortable sofa chair that helps maintain posture. In addition to being overstuffed and designed more for their looks than their comfort, these chairs can create havoc on your back, especially if you are reading textbooks for a long time.

If you can find a sofa chair that is as ergonomic and comfy as it is comfortable, pair it with your favorite study desk!


3. The Rolling Chairs

Working in a small space, such as a home office or studying in a library, a rolling chair will let you keep up. Stack papers here, reach for a filing cabinet there, or grab a trash can there, all without having to move from your seat. Managing multiple tasks has never been easier!


4. The Leather Upholstered Chairs

Leathery upholstery is classier and more comfortable than anything else. Leather is ultra-smooth and buttery soft, and it only gets smoother and softer with age.


5. The Adjustable Armchairs

You’re best off choosing a study chair that is adjustable if ergonomics is your main priority.

With gas pumps and side levers, you can adjust the height of the seat and the backrest, so even with finals just around the corner, you can sit back and relax. This way, spinal strain won’t be a problem.


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