It is possible to make a tiny cramped room into a stunning retreat with clever storage solutions and unique interior design ideas if you have the right small bedroom ideas.


1. Rethink the layout

Rethinking the traditional bedroom layout is always a good idea for a small bedroom. You want the furniture to be positioned so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Make sure most of the furniture is arranged along one wall, preferably the wall you are least likely to see when in the room to prevent it from feeling crowded.


2. Utilize all awkward corners for storage

Smart storage solutions are necessary when space is limited. These built-in cupboards have been built into the awkward recess space in this tiny attic bedroom. By concealing storage in otherwise unused spaces, clutter can be prevented from encroaching on an already constrained space.


3. Build storage around the bed

For maximum storage in your bedroom, bespoke wardrobes are the best option. A frame that keeps the eye on one wall is created by creating wardrobes either side of the bed. By removing obstructions from the remaining walls, valuable space can be preserved. Instead of artwork, use mirrors on the remaining walls.


4. Reflect on surface choices

Adding reflective surfaces to a small bedroom will give the illusion that the space is continuing. How many times have we walked into a bar and thought it was twice as big, only to realize that it was a clever use of mirrors that made us believe that? This compact bedroom is furnished with mirrors, a shiny wall covering and mirror bedside tables to create the illusion of a bigger space.


5. Use clever decorating techniques to make it appear bigger

There are so many decorating problems that can be solved with paint. As well as making a space more inviting with a splash of colour, it can also be used in a way that makes small spaces appear larger. Imagine, for instance, that this paint idea for a small bedroom has been cut into a border by a combination of colours, and therefore has given the walls a new perspective. As if being seen through a puzzle.


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