Decor Tips For Bedroom For Modern Homeowners

The space in a house which everyone looks forward to for rest and recuperation is a bedroom. It is mentioned as a sanctuary where you retreat after a entire day of hard work to simply spend some quiet time. Therefore, it is very crucial to pay attention to the interior designing of a bedroom, in order to get the ideal relaxing ambience. Some tips and tricks which should assist you are given below:-

1. Go subtle with the hues

Instead of going for the bold and exquisite, subtle colours work best in a bedroom. Soothing natural hues like blues and greens help to make a comfy, intimate, and serene environment. The more natural and subtle the color, the greater will be the impact. Deciding on a balanced colour palette for the bedroom is one among the top recommendations from Space Deco.

2. Over the top (read ceiling)

Talk of the ceiling, and you really want something that’s visually soothing to look at. For the interior designing of a bedroom, you can paint the ceiling in a colour which is one or two tones lighter than the shade of the walls. This gives more depth to the room. You can use wallpapers or even decorative patterns. For example, a wallpaper depicting the moon and stars are often an excellent choice. For a more intimate environment, you can actually make use of wooden canopies. They give a rustic vibe to the bedroom.

3. Ample space to walk around

One of the key things that you need to remember for bedroom interior design is avoiding an excessive amount of clutter, for obvious reasons. Make sure there’s enough space between the bed and also the walls for you to be able to walk around. You can actually do this by keeping minimal furniture; only keep what’s actually needed. Same goes for the accessories as well, maybe only one statement piece of art, and family pictures, that’s all you require.

4. Combination of lighting patterns

A combination of various lighting patterns works really well in a bedroom. You can create areas with varied light intensity in accordance with the purpose they serve. It is highly recommended to place lamps on both side of the bed. A dedicated light for reading can also be incorporated. For the overall lighting of the area, keep it soft and subtle. By having such layers of lighting, you’ll be able to add depth to the bedroom. For the sake of convenience, having a separate control for each of the lights within the room works well. It helps to decide and light selective areas as and when needed.

5. The bedroom furniture

As already mentioned, a bedroom should only have the furniture that you simply will really need. This includes a dresser, a handful of chairs, nightstands, and a chest of drawers for storage. If you’re cramped for space, you’ll be able to make use of an ottoman which doubles up as a storage area. Choose furniture pieces as per the area size- large ones for a huge room, and vice-versa.

6. Furnishings matter

As a one of the reputed name among interior designers in Delhi, we pay great attention to bedroom furnishings. Silk curtains in rich textures add a bit of luxury to the bedroom. Small carpets or plush rugs also add depth to the space. While choosing fabrics cotton is your best bet for bed sheets, it has a timeless elegance and is really comfortable without a doubt.

7. Keep technology at bay

In line with the concept and feel of a bedroom, all technological devices and gadgets are a strict no. Keep the TV, laptop, and also the computer for the living room; don’t bring them into this relaxing haven. This will assist you make the bedroom a real place for rest and rejuvenation.

In a nutshell, a no-clutter and subtle yet elegant space is what you’re looking at when talking of bedroom interior design. At Space Deco, we can help you achieve exactly that. Get in touch with us today!

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