There’s been lots of discussion about how office design motivates teams and improves their productivity. This particular approach has lead to many companies investing more in the creation of really interesting, custom-branded spaces. Sometimes, even with the assistance of an expert, it’s hard to get the most out of your space.

This is why it is vital to leave no stone unturned while planning your startup office. The key to great office design is actually the importance placed on employee comfort and workflow. You need to think about what your team has to improve their work efficiency.

So, before you get on the bandwagon, ask yourself, how and where do you get your best work done? Do you really see yourself poring over research at a quiet, corner workstation? Does your mind long for a cafe-style lounge? Are you someone that like moving around the office, through the course of the day? There are several choices to pick out from.

This is exact where flex space designs come to your rescue. So, what exactly is a flex space design? How will it assist with the growth of your business? Well, it’s your actually lucky day. We’re here to enlighten you about the same.

What is a flex office space design?

Flex spaces are nothing but commercial real estate spaces with lease periods that are flexible. These layouts are available for brief periods of time; months, weeks, or maybe on a day-to-day basis. They’re a more workable option in comparison to traditional commercial leases. With the change in the way people now work, flex spaces are designed to accommodate differing kinds of tasks. They offer complete freedom to the employees who use them and also the designers who create them.

Who needs a flex office space design?

Startups are always on the lookout for more practical choices that assist their growing business. In the past, there weren’t many options besides a regular long-term commercial lease, but now, things are changing.

With work timings that are quite flexible, fewer employees are working full-day shifts in corporate offices. More 

and more individuals are working remotely, decreasing the demand for long-term commercial leases. However, this doesn’t mean people don’t need an area to work. There’s still a huge demand for office spaces but with a different set of terms.

Easily enter flex spaces that offer short-term access to office spaces with lease terms that are economical. Oh, and they’re pretty too. Who wouldn’t want to flee to a gorgeous garden for a fast catch-up or a comfy leather couch for some reading?

Flex spaces have a variety of advantages. The huge increase in employee comfort, well-being, and productivity ultimately leads to better growth for your business. Modern office furniture is actually designed to encourage collaboration and productivity.

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