Amazing Tips For Facade Exterior Designing

Facade is a deriving from a french word that literally translates to ‘the face’, facade of any sort of building plays a major role in establishing its identity. While interior design is integral to any residential or housing project, it’s the elements used for façade exterior designing that further define the personality of the house.

As you’ll observe below, balance is actually the key factor underlying all design choices.

Determine The Aim Which Will Be Served By Your Home

First and foremost, it’s imperative to know the requirements or purpose of your home, and your family members. For instance, a joint family that has both old and young people, would do very well by having an exterior that includes large windows which make space for ample natural light to enter the house.

Likewise, for somebody who is into the mechanics of automobiles, a façade that consists of a single or dual garage set-up would be an excellent fit. Once you have defined the aim, it becomes very easy to go for a façade design which perfectly synchronizes with the interiors of the house.

Symmetry Is The Key

After the aim has been defined, the next step in façade exterior designing is ensuring the symmetry of design. So wherever the main door is will become the focal point of the exterior, and windows can actually be incorporated on either side so as to provides a symmetrical look. Square or rectangular shapes work best to attain this objective.

Opt For Conventional Materials

When it actually comes to choosing materials for façade exterior designing, we recommend the standard ones like wood or steel. These materials aren’t only evergreen when it comes to visual appeal, but also subtle and durable to stand the test of time- the ideal recipe for a design that has a long life.

Go For A Balanced Colour Scheme

Colours have a key role to play here. Ideally, a mixture of two colours, a dark and a light, works best for façade exteriors. To add an additional wow element, you’ll opt for a 3rd hue for the window trims could also be, but that’s pretty much about it.

Space Deco’s team of interior designers has years of experience and knowledge in helping clients make colour choices that take care of all major considerations- something which will not wear off with the passage of time; something which will cover up seasonal flaws (if any) perfectly; and is aesthetically pleasing to look at as well.

The colours chosen are often anywhere on the spectrum, ranging from subtle and simple to bright and bold. The idea is to decide on the ones that match the personality of the homeowner. A dark colour for the roof lines and ventilation outlets, and a lighter one for the rest of the body is the optimum way to approach it.

Choose An Entry Door That Inspires

Perhaps one of the most vital element of façade exterior designing is the main door or entrance. Moreover, it serves as a bridge between the outside world and your personal haven, that is your home. No wonder it has to be something unique and welcoming, warm and welcoming, so that your guests will remember it for a really long time. Majestic custom-made doors are an enormous rage lately, and we can assist you build one as per your personal taste and preferences.

As already mentioned, the positioning of the door needs to be central to the overall design. Everything else can actually be built around it in a symmetrical fashion. First impression is actually the last impression, and your entry door is the very first thing any visitor would notice.

Experiment With Windows

Talking about the windows, the market today contains a host of options. The variety in terms of design as well as functionality is way beyond imagination.

If you wish to incorporate more natural light, big glass windows work best. For having intermittent periods of lighting with shade in between, blinds or shutter window treatments are often used.

In many modern homes, sliding windows have become the norm as they provide out a more ‘open’ vibe and of course have room for better ventilation. As with all other factors in facade exterior designing, windows should actually be chosen with symmetry of the general structure in mind.

Make A Difference With Lighting Fixtures

Next are the lighting fixtures that you will use for your outdoor facades. It is vital to understand here that lighting will serve the dual purposes of security as well as aesthetic appeal at night times for your residential exterior. Read more about importance of lighting here.

Depending on the theme of your interior, contemporary or traditional, choose outdoor fixtures that make the whole house look well connected. A modern home will do really well with decorative accent lights, while a more conventional one would look amazing with vintage lamp posts as well as chandeliers. The idea is to have a well-illuminated exterior which will shine in pristine glory even after the sun has set.

With numerous elements that go into designing the exterior of your home, it can actually be very stressful to manage everything. To take away all your stress and make it a hassle-free experience, Space Deco is here to assist you. So what are you waiting for call now for luxury architectural & interior designing consultation!

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