Over the years, homeowners have been able to gain ideas from designers on how to create a stylish home without spending a fortune.


1 ) Crown Molding

Details make all the difference. Creating a luxurious and unique home starts with the small details. Crown moulding is the focal point here. Crown moldings create an elegant look by bringing the ceiling and walls together, giving a room an appearance of completion or polish. The room would appear cheap and unfinished without this finish.

If you’re looking for a more glamorous look for your residence, consider including all kinds of moulding such as crowns, high baseboards, columns, ceiling beams, medallions, etc.


2) Paint

Choosing the right paint color for a room can be challenging, especially if the rest of the decoration will follow the colors you choose. The style you desire, however, adds luxury to your home instantly with some shades. Two colors are available: a bold, dramatic hue or a soft, subtle hue.


3) Pillows

Your home’s pillows serve two purposes. By choosing them correctly, your home will look amazing. Additionally, they provide additional comfort for your guests while sitting on the couch, and they add an air of coziness to your living spaces. When you select pillows that are comfortable and large enough to lie on, you will notice the comfort factor.

A luxurious appearance is created by overstuffed, large pillows.


4) Hardware Finishes

A wall of cabinet knobs and drawer pulls might greet you as you enter a home improvement store. However, you must turn around and leave the store at that moment. Those bulky hardware pieces aren’t much, but they certainly look cheap and are of inferior quality.


5) Lighting

Lighting fixtures are typically chosen by contractors based on the ones they’ve used in previous homes. A chandelier, however, has a more traditional appearance for your home than a lighting fixture designed to impress. The luxury look can be achieved without spending a lot of money by using a few methods. You can go to flea markets and secondhand stores to start.


6) Exquisite Surfacing Solutions

The beauty of wooden veneer gives a luxurious aesthetic and exceptional performance at an affordable price. There are many uses for wooden veneers in furniture, such as chairs, tables and dressers, as well as in floors and ceilings. In addition to providing a wood-like feel, veneers build durability and longevity into the surfaces they cover.


These are some basic tips but if you want to get it done professionally then Space Deco is the one for you.

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