5 Steps To Perfect Restaurant Interior Designing

Going to a restaurant and easily grabbing a meal with a drink- a reality that doesn’t hold true any longer in today’s world! With the customer looking for novelty as well as uniqueness in each and every aspect, visiting a restaurant is all about a comprehensive eating experience. The ambiance actually has a vital role to play in consumer choices. This is where Space Deco can help you plan, conceptualize, and execute a restaurant interior designing project that takes care of both the functional and aesthetic elements for you.

Step 1: Focus on functionality

Before getting passionate about the idea of creating a captivating ambiance for your patrons, it’s important to know that functionality should be given foremost importance. Plan the restaurant layout in a manner such that there’s ample room for the guests and servers to move freely as and when needed.

The dining furniture should be spread out comfortably; an excessive amount of clutter can spoil the drill for you while too many empty spaces will also have a similar effect.

If budget isn’t a constraint, opt for separate dining and lounge areas to serve the requirements of families and enormous groups respectively.

For guests who simply walk in, make room for a waiting area that’s warm and welcoming. Lack of thought when it comes to the functional design elements could prove costly because it will actually be the key differentiator between a busy restaurant and a restaurant with the bare minimum footfall.

Step 2: Choose an ‘appetizing’ color scheme

It is no surprise when it comes to the science behind different color schemes and how exactly they trigger appetites in human beings. When you see particular colors, the mind generates mental associations with food as well as appetite, which in turn will drive the customer orders for you.

Space Deco can help you choose an appropriate color scheme accordingly. To quote an example, a restaurant serving delectable North Indian cuisine will do rather well with rich, dark, and deep colors like blue, green, and brown. Imagine accent lights reflecting against these specific colors as well as delicious biryani on your plate- a winner all the way!

Step 3: Opt for furniture thoughtfully

When we say that furniture choices should involve careful thought and consideration, the thought is that you choose pieces that are in line with the cuisines and/ or the theme of the restaurant. For instance, if you’re planning a fast food or a quick-service restaurant, you ought to opt for bright and bold furniture (synonymous with intense appetite and hunger pangs).

Another way you could go is- a restaurant that will serve traditional Indian cuisine from different parts of the country. For such a place, the perfect choice would be elegant and classical furniture pieces made in wood, to set the mood of the place. Likewise, a restaurant with special focus on serving pub and bar food should have contemporary furniture pieces that are comfortable and modern at the same time.

Step 4: Go for textured walls

The hallmark of any good restaurant interior designing effort is actually the use of textures while doing the walls. The market has myriad options for you you select from. Even though textured walls are actually a bit expensive, they add that much-needed depth that a restaurant space should have.

If the finances are tight, you’ll be able to add textured wallpapers to your space. These are a cost-effective way of making an impact that’s at par with a wall that has been actually textured. We are a well-reputed name among the top Delhi interior designers and there are reasons for that. We will assist you to choose, procure, and incorporate a wall texture that’s in line with the restaurant theme, your pocket, and your personal tastes as well as style preferences.

Step 5: Vary the lighting elements

As mentioned at the start, with the exception of functionality, the ambiance is the primary key driver when it comes to the restaurant business. Remember that people will love you not just for what you serve, but the setting you serve all of that in. Lighting is one of the major elements that decide the vibe of your place.

The best way to proceed here is by actually having multiple light sources to create a layered look. For dining areas, it’s best to have subtle lighting that’s just enough for your guests to have warm conversations over food (without hitting them with any sort of glare). For areas where the food items are on display over counters or shelves, the pastry section, for example, uses bright lights. The idea is to make sure that customers can clearly see what’s on offer.

Bright lights will elevate the very look of your food items which implies a consumer is more likely to order or buy it. Besides all these, you’ll be able to add that wow factor to your space by incorporating a statement light piece like a chandelier. The results will be truly magnificent!

So if you’re looking to get a comprehensive restaurant interior designing solution that’s spearheaded by a team of experts who will take care of all your needs from start to end, Space Deco is what you need. So, get in touch with us today and take your very 1st step towards a tailor-made restaurant interior design.

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