5 Decor Ideas For Bakery Shop

Unlike a number of other businesses, interior design includes a vital role to play when it comes to the success of a bakery. The look and feel of the place features an enormous role to play in attracting more people to the shop, and eventually translating into purchases by the customer. So allow us to have a detailed look at bakery interiors today and see what all you need to take care of.

1. Ascertain the target market

At Space Deco, we recommend paying very close attention to the target market before further proceeding with any kind of bakery interiors. The target market will assist you choose a layout as well as design that gels well with the customers who will be walking into the bakery shop.

A good bakery that actually specializes in wedding cakes will be all about sophistication, elegance, and subtle colours. Meanwhile, a bakery that is aimed toward designing birthday party cakes for children will have a really easy-going, bright, and fun feel to it.

2. Display is the key

For bakery interiors, display is actually the king among all the design elements one can think about. Since it’s all about cakes and baked goods that you will be selling, it’s imperative that the customer can see them clearly as he or she walks into your shop.

A display with clear segregation along with spacious walkways for customers are the key to attain this particular objective.

Any heavy baking equipment needs to be kept out of the customer’s sight. Only the main products should be visible, and placed in a very neat and visually attractive way so as to draw immediate customer attention.

3. Choice of colours

The next factor to be taken care of is actually the choice of colors to be utilized in bakery interiors. If you’re running short of space, it’s best to avoid dark colours, as they’ll make the space look even smaller. Instead, opt for lighter and warm hues which add more depth to the space.

As already mentioned, once you know the target market, you’ll be able to make a firm decision on the colour scheme. A cake shop for children would have bright and visually attractive colours. While on the other hand a luxury bakery shop that is focused on wedding cakes will do best with colours that are neutral and subtle. Keep the color scheme aligned with the merchandise that you are selling, is our suggestion.

4. The lighting matters

Interior designers in Delhi NCR endorse a mixture of lighting patterns for bakery shops. While the overall space can actually be lighted using accents and soft patterns, the merchandise displays on counters and shelves should have brighter lighting which makes the baked goods visually attractive to look at. Go for a combo that’s balanced and draws complete attention to the products you’ll be selling.

5. Give the customers space

Whether it’s a small cozy bakery that you just have or a spacious one, always remember that the customer likes to have space to walk around or sit. An uncluttered look will go a really long way in making the customers comfortable within the shop, and also make them come again for repeat purchases.

You need to organize your furniture as well as displays in such a manner that the customer can easily walk around and explore. For someone who is there to order a huge cake for a marriage or an extravagant party, you’ll make it easier for the customer if you have provision for seating space. The clients will be more receptive to any sort of ideas that you may have when it comes to bakery orders if you have a discussion in a really comfortable environment.

So bake beautiful cakes and delicious goodies, but do not forget Space Deco for your bakery interior design. We offer amazing interior design solutions for your bakery. So get in touch with us today!

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